Make A Difference Entrepreneurs (MADE), is a registered 501c3 non profit inspired by a kid entrepreneur and community leader with the intent to inspire his peers to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and the importance of Harmony & Teamwork. His vision is to empower his generation to make social impact in their communities because he believes that "you are never too young to make a difference".

Dear Friends

I am Yash Semlani, a 12yr kid entrepreneur/community leader and co-founder of Made A Difference Entrepreneurs (MADE), a registered non profit. My vision is to inspire and empower my peers (kids between 7-16) and their parents to team up with their kids (just like my dad teamed up with me and my brother) to support their passions by developing an entrepreneurial mindset and also creating social impact in your communities.

I am bringing to the spotlight the importance of "Harmony and Team Work" in day to day life (personal and professional) and why kids need to incorporate this in their lives. I plan to do this in multiple ways including interviews with icons in various professions and walks of life like sports, music, arts and business.

I would greatly appreciate your valuable input on this new endeavor and if you could spare a few minutes to complete this brief survey. Also please feel free to share this amongst other parents of kids between 7-17 in the US.

Love and Hugs to make this world a better place


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