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Join award-winning kid entrepreneur Yash Semlani as he interviews kid and youth business owners in the new video series, GET MADE! Look for a new episode each month.


At goPRit, we are about providing a tool that makes it possible for small businesses to get big PR. Get Made Global has a similar mission, but much more noble, by giving the tools and support to a kid with dreams and ideas, you can truly change a kid’s life, a kid that could later change the world. THAT is an idea worth supporting!
— Jordan Jones Director of PR Success
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M.A.D.E. Goal 01


Kids relate and connect best with other kids. With this in mind, Yash Semlani is launching a video series called "GET MADE!" where he interviews successful kid entrepreneurs from around the country. What is their inspiration? Who are their role models or mentors?  How they are making a difference in society using their business?  Season 01 of GET MADE!


M.A.D.E. Goal 02


MADE is developing industry specific interactive quests that will feature a kid and adult entrepreneur from a chosen industry who will walk the kids through various facets of starting and running a business. 

Kids can do this at their own pace and in the comfort of their own homes, either alone or with a group of friends. Once kids complete the various levels, they are ready to start their own business. 

Our goal is to have various interactive quests that feature different industries such as App Development, Hand-crafted Goods, YouTube Entertainer, Social Media Support, etc--all industries which have the potential for a kid to create a business in. 


M.A.D.E. Goal 03

GET Empowered

The philosophy behind MADE's third goal is that "Entrepreneurship needs to be experienced." In this phase kids are able to sell their products online and are paired with a mentor for support on various aspects of running their business and/or funding. As a part of a kid business community, successful young entrepreneurs can pay it forward by helping other kids. 


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M.A.D.E. is an online hub for kid & Youth business owners


Yash's Story

Yash Semlani is a nine year-old lemonade stand entrepreneur.  In 2015, he was awarded the Inaugural HBJ 2 under 20 award. in 2014  he won the Ernst & Young Youth Entrepreneurship award, Texas Governors Youth Entrepreneur Award, and Lemonade Day Entrepreneurial Excellence Awards. He is the inspiration behind MADE.

Anastasia's Story

Anastasia Snyder is a successful teen illustrator, voice actress, and online video producer. Within the YouTube community, she has over 70,000 subscribers. She regularly attends and speaks at Comic and My Little Pony conventions where she sells prints of her art. She has been featured on Good Morning America and in Forbes.



Santana's Story 

Eleven year-old entrepreneur, Santana Draper, is the founder of PaperToy Clothing, an artistically inspired line of graphic apparel for tween boys and fashion-forward men.  His collections have been  featured at Billboard music awards, MTV VMAs, BET music awards, ESPN XGames and SXSW Gaming Expo.

Grant's Story

Grant Manier is a teen Eco Artist, author, and special needs advocate who has raised awareness of autism. His work is created from torn or cut pieces of paper that he sells as "coolages."  His life's theme is: "It's not what I can't do…it's what I can do that makes the difference!"