Anastasia Snyder is the founder of Ink Rose, Inc. She is a successful teen Digital Illustrator, Voice Actress, and Online Video Producer. Within the YouTube community, she has over 70,000 subscribers; on Deviant Art, she has over 3,000 watchers, and on Facebook, over 11,790 likes. Her artwork has been featured on Equestria Daily, which reaches a dedicated audience of 27,000 art fans of My Little Pony. She regularly attends and speaks at Comic and My Little Pony conventions where she sells prints of her art.

A veteran child entrepreneur, she began her first business, Anya's Bakery, at the age of six years. Her next venture, Lovin' It Loops, involved making and selling knitted goods. She has been featured on Good Morning America and in Forbes.  

She is on the Youth Advisory Board of MADE.

My goal is to become an animator or illustrator in the video game industry. My favorite video game company is Steam, and my favorite entertainment company is Disney.
— Anastasia Snyder